Arup has provided technical and commercial advisory services for EIG in a new near 500 million euro of structured equity and portfolio financing for Powerfield, a Dutch developer of renewable energy solutions. In the transaction, EIG has co-invested alongside LBBW.

Arup’s renewables specialists and investment advisors have combined their detailed understanding of the Dutch solar power market, PV technology, energy yield assessments, grid connectivity and permitting constraints, battery storage systems, and the fast-growing EV and EV charging market.

With this deal, Powerfield will be able to realise a significant increase in scale and its sustainability ambitions. These resources will be used for the further development of an integrated platform on which solar parks, charging stations for electric cars (EVs) and batteries complement each other and thereby contribute to a more sustainable world.

Maarten Wessels, Associate Director at Arup: "We're immensely pleased to have been involved in this flagship transaction that really focuses on creating a better and greener world. In the short time we had, we made a big turn-around. Integrating all these crucial elements for the energy transition proved to be quite challenging, but it's projects like this where our international team of commercial and technical experts can make a difference.” 

Jean-Louis Bertholet, CEO of PowerField: “We want to build the largest virtual power plant in Europe, in which we combine solar energy with storage in batteries and charging facilities for electric cars. We are proud that both EIG and LBBW have joined us and that we have found two partners who support our ambitions and want to help us achieve the sustainable energy transition.” 

Walid Mouawad, Managing Director and Head of European Power & Renewables at EIG, commented: “PowerField is at the forefront of the energy transition and our partnership will contribute to the realization of the Dutch plans to combat climate change, through a unique combination of CO2-neutral electricity, storage and charging infrastructure for EVs. We are thrilled to be able to help realise the company’s growth potential and take the necessary steps towards a future with clean energy.”