Arup’s East Asia Design School has won two awards at the Award for Excellence in Training and Development 2023 by Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA), including an Excellent Award and a special award of ‘Excellence in Performance Improvement’. 

Started in 2003 and funded by Arup University, the East Asia Design School is a practice-oriented programme targeting staff members with three to five years of experience, with an aim to foster creativity and leadership in multidisciplinary collaboration. The training is conducted in a 3-day programme, with seminars and workshops covering the entire design process from ideation, design development and review to prototyping for user testing. More importantly, the activities focus on real-world scenarios to cultivate their problem-solving skills. 

Organised by the HKMA since 1990, the Award for Excellence in Training and Development is the only award of its kind in Hong Kong that gives public recognition of achievements in training and development to individuals as well as organisations, whether large or small and whatever the nature of their businesses or services.

Sitting at the heart of our firm, Arup University is committed to nurturing talent and strengthening our collective capabilities. These awards are a strong testament to our dedication to fostering a culture of learning and innovation, and we look forward to pushing the boundaries of design excellence even further.

Ricky Tsui

East Asia Arup University Leader

Design School is a vital component of our learning and development programme, offering our young members a unique opportunity to explore new ideas, techniques, and our learning culture. We invest heavily in the growth of our people, which enables us to create innovative outcomes for our clients.

Jenny Pong

East Asia People Director