Bringing together the brightest circular thinkers, doers and leaders from across the public and private sector, The World Circular Economy Forum seeks to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, a pivotal step toward sustainable development.  

Arup is proud to announce its significant participation and contributions to the event, reinforcing our commitment to embed circularity at the heart of the built environment. 

Sessions Overview: Arup's involvement at WCEF 2024

  1. Australia Green Building Council Panel Discussion: Arup’s global CE services leader Martin Pauli will take part in this panel exploring the application of circular economy principles in real-world design projects.  
  2. Circularity Indicators Workshop: Invited by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Arup members including Martin Crook will lead a workshop dedicated to exploring Circularity Indicators in the Built Environment.
  3. EIB flagship Circular Cities project announcement: In collaboration with the European Investment Bank (EIB), we will play a pivotal role in the announcement of a new Circular Economy flagship project focused on Circular Cities for the upcoming four years. Arup is tasked with leading the implementation work package, marking a significant step towards transforming urban environments through circular practices.
  4. Circular Economy Built Environment Day ‘Accelerator Sessions’: Following the main conference, Arup will actively participate in all four sessions of the dedicated Circular Economy Built Environment Day ‘Accelerator Sessions’. Register here

Highlights include:

  • The launch of Arup’s new Regenerative Design report, setting out our vision for a new design practice based on nature, circular economy and equitable design; also a side event of the New European Bauhaus Festival. 

  • A session unveiling the results of Circular Economy business cases in the Built Environment, conducted alongside the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF), featuring insights from C-suite industry clients.  This session focuses on the Circular Buildings Toolkit – complete with landing page facelift – and its application in practice. 

  • The launch of the second phase of the Circular Buildings Coalition, supported by a 1.4-million-euro fund from the Laudes Foundation, with Arup as a key implementation partner.

  • The presentation and soft launch of a landmark report in partnership with EMF and SystemIQ, focusing on the economic benefits of adopting circular economy principles in the built environment. Jess Watts, Arup’s Senior Engineer who recently completed a six-month secondment at EMF, has been a significant contributor to the report.

Arup believes that creating strong partnerships and harnessing innovation is key to create a more sustainable and resilient future for generations to come.