Arup is providing structural, mechanical, electrical, and public health engineering services, as well as civil, transport, security, logistics, ICT, cost, and project management consulting services from the initial design stages through construction services.

Arup is supported by SAB Architects in Seattle, Washington, and BYG, Pen Konsult, and Unitech in Penang.

With Dexcom continuing to see tremendous success due to its technology transforming the treatment of diabetes, the company sought to expand its production capabilities to meet increasing global demand. While the firm is headquartered in San Diego, California with a second manufacturing facility in Mesa, Arizona, Dexcom decided to set up its newest and largest production facility in Penang as the industrial city has strong manufacturing capabilities and has been dubbed the “Silicon Valley of the East.”

“As we continue to grow our Science, Industry & Technology business across the globe, we are thrilled to be partnering with Dexcom, a company that is truly revolutionizing diabetes management,” said Jennifer DiMambro, Arup’s Science and Industry Leader for the Americas region. “Arup’s unique combination of a global, collaborative network of offices and multidisciplinary capabilities allows for the seamless delivery of large-scale projects of this nature.”

The major manufacturing facility will include manufacturing facilities for sensors and applicators for the CGM system. It will also feature warehousing, a central utilities building, and amenities, including offices, visitor facilities, canteen, and social spaces.

“I’m glad that Dexcom has chosen Penang as the place for their first plant outside the United States and Arup is the preferred delivering partner in Dexcom’s revolutionary life-saving journey for diabetic patients. With our vast local expertise combined with international support, we trust we could provide the best outcome for the project,” said Sik-Kwang Wong, Arup Principal and leader of the Penang office.