Launched today by BAFTA albert, the Screen New Deal (SND) Transformation Plan for Wales outlines key sustainability guidance and recommendations for the film and high-end television industries. 

Written and produced with global sustainable development consultancy Arup, the report analyses the related changes to transport, energy use, waste and culture needed to meet net zero targets.

The series of key recommendations for production teams, commissioners, broadcasters and funding bodies was produced by Arup and BAFTA albert, supported by the British Film Industry (BFI) through its National Lottery Research and Statistics Fund.

Along with the BFI, albert and Arup launched the first Screen New Deal publication in 2020, selecting Wales to be part of the follow-up pilot project in recognition of its ambitious sustainability targets and fast-growing film sector.

With the support of Creative Wales, Ffilm Cymru Wales and Clwstwr, Arup developed the report following a programme of research and in-depth data analysis. Combining the insight gathered from interviews a range of industry stakeholders, detailed assessment of relevant policies and legislation and existing technical material, a series of recommendations have been outlined that can be actioned by both film studios and individuals.

Read the SND Transformation Plan for Wales

This is landmark route to a sustainable future in production, mapping out a practical approach to reducing both carbon footprints and waste. It is a very exciting step for the production community in Wales to pilot the Screen New Deal, and we’re committed to working with stakeholders on the ground to support programme-makers in adopting these recommendations. Now we all need to work together, and at pace, to encourage, implement and fund real progress which can be used as a blueprint for the rest of the UK.

April Sotomayer

Head of Industry Sustainability, BAFTA albert