Arup has been appointed to deliver the Western Trade Coast Infrastructure Strategy, the next step in transforming the Western Trade Coast into a Global Advanced Industries Hub.

The Western Trade Coast in Perth’s southern metropolitan area includes the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson, together with the Kwinana Industrial Area, Rockingham Industry Zone and Latitude 32 Industry Zone. 

The Western Trade Coast is already a mature, successful complex with industry that delivers significant economic benefit to the state and national economy, with potential for future growth.

Once complete, the Western Trade Coast Infrastructure Strategy will direct a comprehensive approach to optimising available land and industrial infrastructure to support the region’s transformation into a Global Advanced Industries Hub, and to ensure its continued contribution to Western Australia’s economic diversification and decarbonisation journey.

Arup’s appointment to deliver the Western Trade Coast Infrastructure Strategy, follows the announcement by the WA Government that the hub will nurture the growth of three key industries: renewable hydrogen, future-facing minerals processing, and shipbuilding and sustainment. 

For the region to continue to support the State’s economic resilience and growth in the future Arup aims to take a proactive and holistic approach to road, rail, port and utility infrastructure planning.

Optimising existing infrastructure, planning for common user infrastructure and ensuring that infrastructure does not lag behind the needs of industry will be key considered in the Strategy’s development. 

Lewis Macdonald, Arup WA Leader said: “There has been a lot of good work done to support the planning of key sites such as Latitude 32 and this next piece is looking at how we can deliver the necessary infrastructure in a timely way to support the transformation of this already thriving area.” 

Danya Mullins, Arup WA Markets and Clients Leader said: “We’re looking forward to working collaboratively with JTSI on this key step towards development of the Global Advanced Industries Hub and ensuring that we take a balanced view to planning for infrastructure.

This means that we must be future focused, not simply looking at today’s needs but well into the future as the area attracts new industry, evolves to support industrial symbiosis and sees established industries move to net zero.”