Global sustainable development consultancy Arup has been hired by the Presidio Trust to provide engineering services for their Long Range Utility Implementation Strategy (LoUIS). LoUIS is part of Presidio Forward, a series of projects for which the Trust recently received $200 million in federal funding through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). 

This major investment will result in an even more beautiful and welcoming Presidio that is environmentally and financially resilient. Arup will prioritize the Trust’s vision of the Presidio as a model of sustainability and environmental stewardship throughout the planning process for LoUIS. 

LoUIS will cover a period of 20 years, modernizing the park’s electrical grid, taking it from decades-old infrastructure left behind when it was closed as an Army post, advancing it into the 22nd century. LoUIS considers the electrification of the entire 1,500 acre Presidio of San Francisco, California, to meet its decarbonization goals. Arup is also developing a wet utilities strategic plan for conserving precious resources. The upgrades seek to improve the Presidio’s water, sewer, and storm drainage utilities, preparing the Presidio for a more unpredictable future that includes large storm runoff and recurring droughts. 

The extensive overhaul involves replacing the Presidio’s 1960’s-era electrical grid with a modern, reliable 12kV system rebuilding obsolete electrical substations and moving power lines underground to protect them during storms. The greater electrical capacity will enable park buildings to convert from gas to electric power over time. It will also support the addition of more electric vehicle (EV) chargers to electrify the Presidio Trust’s vehicle and Presidio GO Shuttle fleet, and invite residents, employees, and visitors to power up. The long-term result will be a decarbonized Presidio.

Other projects under this umbrella are related to improving access and safety, historic building rehabilitation, greening the park, and reforestation. For more information on Presidio Forward, visit

What they say

The Presidio Trust continues to thrive as a leader in sustainability, and we are proud to be a part of their effort to improve their ecosystem of natural and built space in the Presidio. We are excited to be on this journey with them and carry out the momentum of this significant federal support to realize such important goals.

Sheba Hafiz

Americas West Water Leader and Arup Project Director for LoUIS