Built environment leader Arup has teamed up with the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) as an official host for this year’s Engineering Open House Week in Birmingham.

Engineering Open House Week ran in mid June as one of several initiatives that make up the IET’s wider Engineer a Better World campaign. The wider programme engages with young people and helps them discover the exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

The aim is to help children and young people and their caregivers and teachers understand what it is like to work as an engineer or technologist and show them the breadth of creative and stimulating career opportunities available in modern engineering.

By hosting a group of students from Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMet), Arup and its fit out contractor Overbury was able to demonstrate the credentials of Arup‘s new city centre workspace while showcasing some of the principles behind it, such as using recycled materials and highly sustainable products.

In setting a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style challenge, the students were able to respond to the tasks set with solutions for transport technology, clean air and ethical waste disposal.

The ‘Dragons’ were made up of managers from Arup and Overbury with an overall winner picked based on the ingenuity of the solutions and the presenting skills on display.

With the new Arup office a major component of Paradise Birmingham, both Arup and  Overbury are committed to creating a space that is highly sustainable, accessible and working towards a zero carbon future.

The students saw first-hand how engineering and technology is applied in practical settings, and found out more about Arup’s work to shape a better world.

By focusing on the environmental and social value of its work, and around its new Birmingham office and the credentials of the fit out, Arup is helping to highlight the value of making a difference and how everyone can be part of that shared endeavour.

You can find out more about this year’s Engineering Open House Week and the different events that took place here.

Being involved in Engineering Open House Week has really opened our eyes to the enthusiasm and interest out there in the built environment and for understanding the way things work. The local students really made us think about what we do as an organisation and challenged us to look at new ways of finding solutions to local as well as global problems. Young people are hugely engaged in finding solutions to the issues we face as a planet and as global citizens, and we can all learn from what follows from that perspective. By showing students some of the global work being carried out here at our new office at Paradise, we’re able to really help bring engineering and technology to life and help open up new career pathways.

Russell Smith

Team Coordinator, Arup