Arup’s research paper ‘Sensitivity analysis and risk assessment of unitised glass curtain walls’ has been named winner in the Best Industry Research Paper category at this year’s Society of Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics Conference (SECED) in Cambridge, UK.  

The Society for Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics was founded in 1969 to promote the study and practice of earthquake engineering and structural dynamics, including blast, impact, and other vibration problems.

Jonathan Ciurlanti, Data Engineer at Arup’s Digital team with a diverse background on Structural Engineering and a Ph.D. on Earthquake-Structural Engineering, led the award-winning research project that looked at the seismic performance of pre-assembled glass façade systems. He used an advanced numerical model to assess the complex behaviour of façade components and joints.  

The paper aims to help designers make more informed decisions on the use of different façade design parameters (e.g. silicone bite) by analysing the influence of these on the seismic response. 

The project was completed in a close collaboration between Arup, Permasteelisa and Delft University of Technology. 

The conference covered a wide range of topics, including seismic hazard and engineering seismology, geotechnical earthquake engineering, vibrations, seismic assessment and retrofit of engineered and non-engineered structures, and more. 

Read the research paper here