Arup is proud to announce that its Cork office is the first project in Ireland to achieve the WELL Equity Rating and the country’s second project to become WELL Certified at the Platinum level. Having first become WELL Certified at the Gold level in 2018, our Cork office was recertified at the Platinum level in 2024.

Key features of Arup’s Cork office include its people-focused, sustainable and inclusive design which fosters a sense of community, social interaction and belonging, according to our team of WELL advisors.

As the way we work continues to evolve, our office’s adaptable layout has proven its resilience. Hybrid teams collaborate seamlessly and staff can choose from a variety of work areas, including sit-stand desks, huddle spaces and standing-up meeting areas. Focus rooms, booths and break-out areas provide space for concentration and contemplation – promoting productivity and wellbeing.

Beyond the physical workspace, the office’s commitment to wellbeing is evident through its wellness programme and employment policies.

Recognising buildings that take a holistic approach to people’s health, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, the WELL Certification and WELL Equity Rating are awarded by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). Both involve rigorous assessments of design and operational documentation, policies and protocols. As part of achieving WELL Certification, onsite tests were conducted by a performance verification testing agent.

Continuous improvement

When Arup first moved to One Albert Quay, our multidisciplinary team of WELL advisors, mechanical and electrical engineers, facilities managers and specialists in acoustic design, digital technology and human resources incorporated WELL into our office design, making it the first project in Ireland to be awarded WELL Certification.

When preparing to recertify, our team of WELL advisors determined that it was well poised to seek a higher Platinum certification.

Arup’s Cork office was assessed for the original seven WELL concepts including air, water, nourishment, light, movement, thermal comfort and mind; and three new concepts – sound, materials and community.

Our Cork office is the first WELL Equity Rated Arup office. The WELL Equity Rating expands the focus beyond physical health and wellbeing to show that the office prioritises diversity, inclusion and accessibility for all.

Following an assessment of our office design and policies in line with six action areas – user experience, responsible hiring, inclusive design, health benefits and services, supportive spaces and community engagement – our Cork office achieved the WELL Equity seal.

This dual accomplishment underscores Arup’s dedication to creating a healthy, diverse, inclusive and innovative work environment.