Alex Borg has been appointed as Arup’s new transport leader in Australasia. He has committed to step up the firm’s dual decarbonisation and nature agenda, recognising the pivotal role sustainable transport will play in addressing climate, biodiversity and social equity challenges around the world.

“The demand for moving people and goods is only increasing, and our business has the opportunity and responsibility to work with our partners to provide equitable and appropriate choice. Arup is collaborating with industry and government across all parts of Australasia, delivering complex and major projects that are focused on generating balanced and responsible transport infrastructure solutions and driving positive outcomes for cities, communities and the environment,” said Alex.

Arup’s multidisciplinary teams are supporting its clients across the transport sector as they double down on a new wave of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments. Its engineers, planners and built environments specialists offer a diverse range of services enabling them to design and develop transport infrastructure in a way that unlocks innovative, practical solutions in areas like decarbonisation, social value, adaptation and resilience, environment and biodiversity, and the circular economy. 

“We are seeing particularly strong demand for sustainable urban and regional mobility solutions in Southeast Asian countries, due to strong population growth and rapid urbanisation. This accelerated infrastructure investment is a critical part of our business plans and our significant footprint across Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia means we are well placed to shape sustainable and connected future cities.” 

“I’m looking forward to harnessing my extensive global networks, diverse technical skillset, and deep passion for creating genuinely sustainable outcomes to accelerate the transformation of our transport systems and in doing so shape a better, more resilient world,” he finished. 

Alex has been with Arup for over 25 years, most recently as leader of the Australasia Highways business and Global Highways Skills Leader.