The new initiatives announced include:

  • MoU with the China-UK Low Carbon College, Shanghai Jiaotong University to advance research and talent development in low-carbon planning, green building design and energy transition in China. 

  • Release of the China edition of the Reduce, Restore, Remove (3Rs) foresight report, which puts the 3Rs into action and looks into the key measures and technologies to achieve China’s ‘dual carbon’ targets, providing a pathway to net-zero for the country.  

  • Release of the Post-COP27: Building a more climate-resilient Asia position paper, which outlines insights, strategies and resources to help accelerate the Race to Resilience and co-create more sustainable cities.

During the expo, Arup hosted a range of discussions and sharing sessions with partners from both public and private sectors on topical issues such as circular building design, decarbonising existing buildings and climate risk assessment and resilience building for urban infrastructure.

The discussions and exhibition brought our ‘C0-CREATE’ services to life – co-creating a carbon zero future with our climate resilience and eco-design advisory and technical excellence.

Arup has been delivering a wide array of local landmarks in China over the past 40 years, from iconic buildings such as the Beijing Olympic venues and DJI headquarters to strategic infrastructure such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. We are also pioneering the design and planning of sustainable buildings and low-caron communities, and our advisory roles in ambitious development zones such as Qianhai and Nansha are shaping China’s cities of the future.

These are part of our on-going research collaborations with corporations, governments and academic institutions worldwide to accelerate decarbonisation. By drawing insights into emerging trends and technologies, combined with our total design approach and digital capabilities, we take pride in leading a collective effort to shape a more sustainable and resilient built environment with our clients and partners.

Vincent Cheng

East Asia Climate and Sustainability Services Leader, Arup