Arup has secured a double win at the Smart City Technology Innovation Award 2023, receiving both Gold and Silver awards. 

Organised by the International Society for Urban Informatics (ISUI), the award was held during the Global Smart Cities Summit cum the 3rd International Conference on Urban Informatics, the largest global event devoted exclusively to innovations and inventions in the field of smart cites. This event aims to provide the possibility for researchers and inventors from all over the world to participate in a competition by presenting their innovative ideas and inventions.


Developed by Arup and Swire Properties, CONDUCTOR is an integrated smart construction management platform. As a collaboration SaaS platform, it allows the adoption of emerging technologies in a plug-and-play manner, driving digital transformation of the construction industry and supporting sustainable construction.

Open for collaboration, CONDUCTOR leverages contribution from different service suppliers to provide holistic smart construction support. The platform adopts emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, digital twin with AR integration. Insights can be drawn from data fed by various tools and multiple construction sites.  

3D Digital Map Hong Kong (Kowloon East)

Arup’s fully-fledge form of Hong Kong’s 3D map is set to act as the base map and container for the common spatial data infrastructure (CSDI). The map includes external features and building interior layouts incorporating data beyond government sources. The project took an incremental approach, starting with the development of a 3D map for Kowloon East, covering 27km² of project area, 284km of roads and around 6,000 existing buildings. Seven data formats were made available for individual buildings alongside different formats for various datasets, including tile-based models, aerial images, DSM, point cloud, etc. 

The tool is expected to facilitate city planning, design, operations management, and indoor and outdoor navigation. It will also enable various spatial analyses of the urban form to create better understanding of multi-level spaces of a modern city.