An event hosted by Arup highlights the importance of collaboration and sustainable development for Hong Kong’s future.

The event, titled ‘Our city: people ∙ place ∙ purpose’, brought together key decision-makers from Hong Kong’s public and private sectors with Arup’s global leadership, at M+, Hong Kong's new museum of visual culture. Speakers and attendees explored opportunities to contribute to the city’s journey of economic recovery and continued growth.  

The Deputy Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong SAR Government, Michael Wong, served as the Guest of Honour at the event, captivating industry leaders with his insights into the city’s infrastructure development plans and its commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. 

The audience applauded Hong Kong’s ambitions to promote high-quality, sustainable development. They recognised the demand for urban and cross-border infrastructure, improved healthcare, education, research, leisure, and lifestyle facilities as well as the pressing need to adapt and build resilience, particularly as a low-lying coastal city prone to weather-related threats.

The successful realisation of the city’s potential requires a shared vision and concerted action to harness innovation and technology, improving quality of life for all while preserving Hong Kong’s unique heritage.

The event provided an invaluable platform for the industry to engage in thought-provoking discussions and to establish partnerships that will drive Hong Kong towards a vibrant and sustainable future.

We are proud of the part Arup has played in helping to shape Hong Kong and we are grateful to our clients for the trust they have placed in us. We will continue to develop talent and expertise critical to realising the city’s ambitions. A dynamic and resilient Hong Kong, confident of its place in the world, is a vision we hold clearly as we work in partnership with those creating this city’s future.

Alan Belfield

Group Chair, Arup