Arup has won three prizes at the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects (HKILA) Award 2022-23.

Web-based landscape carbon calculator

Our web-based landscape carbon calculator clinched the Gold Award in the Excellence in Landscape Transformation category. Considering the market’s lack of tools that can accurately measure the carbon footprint of landscape projects, we undertook a research study and developed a web-based landscape carbon calculator. This digital platform enables industry practitioners to advance their journey towards net zero.

By inputting various design elements, users can obtain an automatically generated report on total annual carbon emissions and sequestration. The calculator can identify carbon neutrality timelines and provide visual representation, helping users recognise the well-performed elements. It also offers recommendations for reducing carbon emissions and using plant varieties to sequester carbon, benefiting various stakeholders.

Shenzhen New Marine City eco-coastline and wetland restoration

Our landscape design for the New Marine City project in Shenzhen won the Silver Award in the Excellence in Master Landscape Planning and Study category. Stretching over 23km of ecologically-sensitive shoreline in the Pearl River Delta, the project is a pioneering green infrastructure and a significant ecological contributor to the future development of the Greater Bay Area (GBA).

The design fully integrates nature-based solutions by establishing three major landscape interventions - the eco-shoreline, the growing wetland and resilient eco-parks via a series of waterfront public space and ecological design toolboxes. It is envisioned to realise an ocean-human-city symbiosis with a healthy and resilient ecological base.

Green Deck, Hong Kong

Our project development study of the Green Deck was honoured with a Merit Award in the Excellence in Master Landscape Planning and Study category. Initiated by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), the Green Deck is an innovative social project to be constructed over the Hung Hom Cross Harbour Tunnel Toll Plaza. It aims to create a public green space to improve the connectivity with adjacent areas, providing a variety of social facilities and a 28,000m2 landscape garden for the community.

Our landscape design focuses on creating a vibrant and sustainable environment with multi-functional spaces for public use. These include a multi-generational playground, thematic gardens, water pavilion and footpaths. The project will transform the Toll Plaza into a thriving community hub that fosters connectivity and engagement.