As the design consultant of the Kwu Tung Station project, Arup is proud to announce the project has cliched a Bronze Award at the Hong Kong Construction Common Data Environment Award 2023.

Located in the town centre of the future Kwu Tung North (KTN) New Development Area (NDA), Kwu Tung Station will be a public transport hub near the proposed residential, retail, leisure and community facilities, providing much convenience in commuting for residents in the existing communities and the future NDA, helping to unleash the development potential of its surrounding areas and inject new vitality into the community.

A common data environment (CDE) is a single source of information enabling collaboration between project members, helping to avoid duplication of works derived from design or construction incompatibility. MTR proactively adopts digital technologies for better railway project management and to overcome construction challenges. Kwu Tung Station is MTR’s first railway project to fully adopt the CDE design consultancy contract. Leveraging our Building Information Modelling (BIM) design and management expertise, we firmly support the project CDE to thrive throughout the whole asset lifecycle. 

The project CDE enables the project team to review and mark up on documents, drawings and BIM models in a common platform with convenience. It provides a full audit trail of user activities and approval records to further optimise quality assurance. The project team also used the information models in the CDE to create interactive 3D virtual tours of the future station to enhance the general public’s understanding of the sustainable and inclusive design concepts.  

Benefited by a well-structured CDE with clear workflow processes and documentation, the multidisciplinary teams no longer need to produce a massive amount of models and drawings in traditional ways. Through the CDE, the project team ensured a smooth communication from design to construction, realising this complicated project.

Organised by the Hong Kong SAR Government’s Development Bureau and the Construction Industry Council, the award aims to recognise outstanding projects and organisations that best utilise CDE to improve project management, collaboration, productivity, and sustainability; and to share the awardees' experiences on utilising CDE for digital collaboration with the industry.