Arup has been appointed to provide structural, geotechnical and civil engineering consultancy services for the new pedestrian bridge. Upon completion in early 2025, the 96m long connection will join the existing footbridge system in Admiralty, connecting the bustling city centre with the leisurely Tamar Park and Central and Western Promenade Area.

Constructing a new bridge at the busiest area of the city’s central business district posed great challenges. We tailored a launching method to ‘push’ the footbridge segments horizontally using a jacking system. The works was carried out in two stages. In the first stage, an 18m cantilever segment was pushed from Harcourt Garden towards Pacific Place, arching over the Queensway eastbound carriageway. Subsequently, we propelled another 20m segment further to connect with the steel segment in Pacific Place. To minimise disruption to the busy traffic at Queensway and overcome spatial constraints, the construction works was carried out during midnight hours over two weekends. 

To ensure a smooth construction process, we utilised 3D laser scanning technology to capture accurate site conditions and enhance work precision. We also developed a 4D BIM model to meticulously review and visualise each work step of the entire operation, contributing to its overall success.