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MODE GAKUEN Cocoon Tower – The cocoon shape symbolises the role of the building: nurturing students inside.

With more than 20 years of experience in Japan, Arup has established itself as a thought leader in seismic engineering in the country. Our notable structures include Nicolas G Hayak Center which adopts a new the self mass damper system; Sony City, a massive 20-storey near-cube with base isolation in the basement. In Japan, we work closely with other offices in Asia and worldwide, giving our clients access to a full range of our global skills and best practices.

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One of the world’s premier cities, Tokyo is a showcase of contemporary architecture and design, as well as historical and cultural places that attract both tourists and business travellers.

Tokyo has been a centre of excellence for seismic engineering by learning from experience of major earthquakes in Japan.

Arup is active in seismic design development. The firm’s most notable structures include Sony City renowned for its distinctive seismic base-isolation application, and Nicolas G Hayek Center, which adopts a new seismic passive control system – the self mass damper system.

Another stunning exemplar project is Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower, the world’s second-tallest educational building known for its expressive design and remarkable environment.

Arup’s technical innovation is best shown in the refurbishment of the TBWA\Hakuhodo office, which was converted from an existing building that originally housed a bowling alley.

Other projects include flagship fashion boutiques such as Valentino Boutiqie Japan and Maison Hermes, giving new dimension to the trendy part of Tokyo.

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