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Camp Adventure tower, DenmarkCamp Adventure tower, Denmark

Camp Adventure Tower – 640m spiralling treetop tower offers stunning views of protected Danish forest.

Arup has a special affinity to Denmark, where founder Sir Ove Arup was partly raised and educated. We provide a collaborative and holistic approach to complex projects, described by Ove in his 1970 key speech as "Total Architecture" – or the notion that great things can result when "all relevant design decisions have been considered together and have been integrated into a whole by a well-organised team." We have a growing office in Copenhagen and also collaborate with colleagues globally to bring international expertise to local projects.

We have been delivering landmark projects in Denmark for many years – whether as lead consultant for the joint venture designing the Øresund Bridge, or as lead engineers for the Copenhagen Arena. We are also working with Copenhagen Airport, UNOPS, Vejdirektoratet and others, providing thoughtful, clear-sighted, and innovative solutions.

1Office in Denmark

2012year of opening