Exterior shot of the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre at night time.Exterior shot of the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre at night time.

Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, Dublin – A 2,100-seat theatre with an innovative acoustic design.

Arup is one of the largest engineering consulting firms in Ireland, with over 550 qualified and accredited engineers and staff in our four offices. We have built a reputation for unrivalled local expertise and knowledge.

We have been delivering landmark projects since our foundation in 1946, when Sir Ove Arup teamed up with a local architect, Michael Scott of Scott Tallon Walker. The design of Busáras, the Irish national bus company headquarters, was Arup's first project in Ireland. This represents outstanding importance in the history of Irish architecture.

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Based in the heart of Cork – a city with plans for accelerated growth under Ireland’s National Planning Framework – our engineering, planning and advisory services professionals blend technical expertise with a drive to shape a better world. Striving to create inclusive spaces, our staff are designing city-shaping projects, nationally and internationally.   

Incorporating placemaking, our landmark projects range from commercial properties, like Horgan’s Quay, to transport planning solutions including the Cork City Centre Movement Strategy, and public infrastructure, such as Mary Elmes Bridge and the Lower Lee Flood Relief Scheme.  

Teams based in our WELL Certified™ office in Cork include our global Centre of Excellence for Science, Industry and Technology, our Energy, Water and Planning teams leading the way on resilient water and renewable energy solutions, including the Cork Lower Harbour and DePuy Synthes wind energy projects, and our Digital and Advisory Services teams applying data-driven insights to sustainable mobility, climate change resilience and asset optimisation.