Arup's response to Covid-19

Clients and partners will appreciate that Arup takes the health and safety of its staff and stakeholders extremely seriously and in the face of this pandemic it is more critical than ever that we all play our part in slowing the spread of this disease.

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Improving community and environmental welfare is core to New Zealanders. These are values also uniquely woven into Arup’s purpose, and it’s through these shared values that we partner with clients, in Auckland and beyond, to offer much more than just engineering consulting – we help shape a better world.

Starting in Europe, and after operating in New Zealand for over 30 years, our global legacy from working on some of the world’s most ambitious projects and shaping a better world lives on. With offices in 33 countries, we work closely with our colleagues all around the world to ensure we leverage global best practice, while also proudly sharing the best of New Zealand project ingenuity.

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