Abrahamic Family House façadeAbrahamic Family House façade

Abrahamic Family House – Three different houses of worship gather around a shared space, promoting tolerance and understanding

With over 40 years’ experience working in the Middle East, Arup has built a strong presence in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) through our offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Beyond the UAE, our work spans across the region – from designing the masterplan for Oman’s Madinat al Irfan district to mapping sea levels for the Kingdom of Bahrain. We work collaboratively with public authorities, local developers, multinational organisations, and architects to support the sustainable urban development of cities through the delivery of innovative, low energy and low carbon solutions for the built environment.

Founding member of the Emirates Green Building Council

2Offices across United Arab Emirates

40+years working in the region

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Through our multi-disciplinary team’s regional experience, we have played a long-standing role in enabling many of Dubai’s leading projects to achieve their goals. We helped to develop its successful bid and plan to host the 2020 World Expo, which integrated smart cities solutions across the entire Expo site. We also supported the Dubai Government in commissioning its Dubai Building Code (DBC); a code which unified the city’s design requirements and streamlined its design and approval processes.

Throughout Arup’s history in Dubai, we have contributed to a wide range of buildings projects across the city, as well as critical programmes for Dubai International Airport. Our work on the airport’s operational readiness programme – alongside the deployment of digital innovations – has helped it to continuously improve its passenger experience.

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