I lead a digital team that includes data analysts, software developers and GIS specialists. Together, we develop digital experiences.

To be valuable, digital experiences need to meet three key tests. They are desirable (they answer a real-world need). They are feasible (technically and logistically). They are viable (a business can sustain them). We create experiences that deliver all three.

I am a certified B (or ‘Beneficial’) Corporation leader. This makes Arup – with its lack of external shareholders – a natural cultural fit for me. I combine digital expertise (earned over 20 years in the telecoms industry) with a commitment to environmental concerns (informed by a master’s degree in sustainability). I believe digital transformation can help accelerate our drive towards a sustainable society. At Arup, I have led projects within the offshore windfarm and smart buildings disciplines, as well as developing a digital airport demand analyser.

Digital technologies have the potential to create more meaningful experiences and reach a wider audience. I led the development of Arup’s ‘Virtual Engage’ proposition, turning public consultations into fully digital experiences. These are not only more immersive than any physical counterpart, but they also allow for much wider engagement and more detailed feedback, all with a lower environmental footprint.