Alan Newbold is Arup’s Digital Technology and Advisory Leader for the UK, India, Middle East and Africa region and leads Arup’s Digital Aviation business globally.

Alan has over 25 years of experience bridging the gap between people, process, technology and the built environment to deliver digital transformation that drives sustainability, innovation and change. These solutions come in the form of digital strategy, business intelligence, data visualisation and analytics, data assurance and integration, operational performance improvement, and transformational and organisational change.

Within the aviation sector, Alan is passionate about delivering technology transformation that helps clients improve passenger experience, reduce operating costs and carbon, and increase revenue. He has regularly spoken about real time aviation and the need to bring aviation together as an interconnected system leveraging real time data to make real time operational decisions. His perspective on real time stations explores how the rail industry can apply these lessons from aviation.

Digital twins form a core part of an asset’s real time operation. In Arup’s report Digital Twin: towards a meaningful framework, Alan shares his insight on how a digital twin can be a powerful tool to support diverse use cases, including efficient operations, disruption management and climate and carbon outcomes. 

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