Alexander is a Senior Foresight Strategist at Arup. An urban planner by training, Alexander has extensive experience in business, design, and marketing strategy across a variety of industries including media, hospitality, and the built environment. 

He joined Arup’s Foresight team in 2019 and he has since used his multidisciplinary experience and approach to work with clients from virtually every industry to identify and analyse trends, explore future possibilities, and plan scenarios that build resilience for the future by enabling better decisions today.

In 2021, Alexander led a team of Arup futurists and technical experts to partner with the World Health Organization (WHO) and develop four plausible scenarios exploring the future of the COVID-19 pandemic and other infectious threats. The project, the first of its kind in the history of WHO, set a new paradigm in the way the world’s leading agency for international public health and the global health community at large think about and prepare for future pandemic and epidemic outbreaks.