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Arup Inspect

Automating inspections for better decision making across the built environment.

Automating inspections for better decision making across the built environment.

Arup Inspect is a digitised approach for asset inspection data capture, reporting and visualisation. It is the first-of-its-kind to make use of a 3D model-based tablet application in the energy industry.

With organisations continuing to focus on efficiencies, automation and high value outcomes, our engineering specialists developed Arup Inspect to help enable better decision making for clients.

Advancing the built environment

Designed to redefine and revolutionise data capture – Arup Inspect uses various digital tools including virtual reality and 360′ panoramic image capture, it can be used across the entire built environment particularly in energy and highways. Whether it’s a bridge or offshore platform, the digitised approach shorten inspections, automates data capture and reporting, whilst improving data quality and accessibility.

Engineers on site utilising Arup Inspect for a client’s asset

Benefits of Arup Inspect

Arup Inspect enables our specialists to conduct high quality on-site inspections, observations and audits to assist in making better informed decisions about their assets. Benefits include:

  • Risk reduction

  • Cost savings

  • Rapid data analysis

  • Accessible interactive data

Precise data for offshore platforms

Environmental and safety risk reduction is a primary goal for all offshore operators. Our approach reduces the impact of offshore inspections and the requirement to access remote locations on the asset, lowering the risk to personnel and operations. The data captured is higher quality, easily accessible and can improve the overall operation of a facility - ensuring the integrity of the asset and operation is maintained.

  • 95% reduction in permitting requirements associated with underdeck inspections
  • 15% of time saved that would have been required for permitting
  • 100% reduction in standby boat requirements

High value outcomes

Our clients have seen benefited significantly since working with our energy engineering specialists to undertake their annual inspections using Arup Inspect. From cost and time reductions - with safety always a primary focus - to major improvements in the quality of data collected. We can support clients make enhancements to an asset based on inspection data by applying our broad structural engineering expertise.

  • 25% reduction in reporting time
  • 30% reduction in team size required
  • 50% reduction in time to complete inspection in many cases

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Using Arup Inspect to enhance your operations

We work together as one team to deploy Arup Inspect across the built environment to ensure the integrity of an asset and help clients in their decisions worldwide.