Brice Richard

Associate Principal | Strategy and Insights – Australasia Leader

Brice helps clients make sense of fast-moving industry trends and challenges to understand where the real opportunities exist. He enables clients to consider new perspectives, such as the economic, climate or community impacts of development. As Arup’s Head of Strategy and Insights, Australasia, based in Singapore, he is also focused on helping governments make smart policy decisions that positively impact communities.

Brice joined Arup in 2017 in Singapore after a varied career in public policy and corporate strategy consulting. He has expertise in delivering complex projects in digital strategy and smart city strategy and thrives on bringing ideas to life from the ground up. 

Having grown Arup’s strategy consulting practice for several years, he offers a perfect complement to Arup’s technical capabilities. The practice focuses on five main pillars: sustainability and climate strategy, digital and smart city services; transport strategy; economic strategy; and corporate strategy. His team enhances Arup with core skills in economics, public policy, business strategy, and financial modelling and analysis, delivering to both public and private sector clients. He is keen to help organisations of all types embrace the next generation of doing business – aligning with the climate, resource, and waste generation crises so they can be part of the solution. 

Before Arup, Brice was Director of Smart City and Analytics for Samsung, shaping the company’s technology strategy and designing the Digital Masterplan for Singapore’s Housing Development Board. Another momentous experience was working as a city competitiveness consultant for the World Bank and the IFC, advising 60+ municipalities on regulatory reforms and digital transformation in India, Nigeria, Pakistan and Southern Sudan.