As the design lead in Arup Digital Studio, my work focuses on delivering holistic solutions that improve peoples experiences of the built environment by making use of innovative tools and creative methods. I am a qualified architect and have practiced in Copenhagen, New York, and London.  

Digital Studio is a strategic design team that investigates and reinvents interactions between people, places, and technology by designing new spaces, services, and systems based on user research and a people-first approach. With the team, I have led the creation of user experience strategies for public spaces and buildings from Melbourne to Sheffield, with a particular focus on libraries, city centres, and community engagement.

I regularly speak and write on topics relating to urbanism, mobility, societal change, and technology. I have previously taught Strategies for Urban Liveability at DIS in Copenhagen, and worked for Gehl Urban Quality Consultancy, where I led the development of the Public Life Data Protocol. Some of my current projects include the development of a new public engagement tool entitled “25 Questions for Cities”, which is both a physical installation and public forum.

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