Your best solution to date?
I believe the best way to receive the future is not just with the emotions in our hearts, but also with the sensibilities of our brainpower. I have spent the brunt of my career crafting and refining a methodical approach to thinking about the future that helps people and organisations mindfully strategize for change rather than merely reacting to it.

Why is it significant?
If we want to make the most logical, best-informed decisions for our futures it is crucial that we tamp down the chaos of endless possibilities and focus on the opportunities that have the potential to catapult us to a better tomorrow.

Your particular skill?
Through meeting people, listening to their concerns, asking probing, exploratory questions, and understanding their goals, I can help them more fully understand what they want out of tomorrow and achieve their goals.

I am a humanist. I believe we are capable of greatness. The future is a gift given to each of us laden with inherent value. It is greatly rewarding to me to help others recognize the value, prosperity, and joy that is ours for the taking.

Why Arup?
When I first read the Key Speech, it resonated deeply and profoundly with me. It felt like a love letter to my professional ethos. Ove Arup knew that if we had the fortitude, we had the power to create a positive future for ourselves. He knew that through hard work, careful analysis and rock-solid convictions that we, as individuals, as an organization and as a society were capable of making each tomorrow better then every yesterday.