Chris Mercer

Former Associate | Arts and Culture – Australasia Leader

Chris leads our arts and culture business in Australasia, working with people and their rich array of skills to harness opportunities that enable the arts and culture sector to thrive.

Chris joined Arup in 2019 after a full and purposeful career in the arts and culture industry, managing production departments, award-winning productions worldwide and producing an iconic stage show in Australia.

Throughout his work across the globe, Chris has witnessed first-hand the transformative impact the arts can have on people and their connection to their community. He leads with purpose, acknowledging a thriving arts and culture sector is fundamental to a thriving world and a vehicle for shared community connection. 

Using his global experience and Arup’s global presence, he now focuses on connecting best practice design, engineering, technological advances and artistic practice to evolve and revitalise cities, creating vibrant places and precincts for artists and communities to coexist. 

For Chris, a thriving arts and culture industry is a sustainable industry. To help make this possible, Chris partners with non-profits driving the industry’s sustainable development transformation to help drive change and advocate for change through Arup’s regional and global presence.  

Chris is passionate about ensuring First Nations knowledge and value systems are embedded in our work by creating meaningful and reciprocal relationships with First Nations peoples and businesses.

Chris is particularly proud of launching Circulate, a digital tool measuring greenhouse gas emissions for productions, events and creative business operations. With a multidisciplinary team, Circulate was created over two years in collaboration with Australia’s leading arts organisations with a shared purpose to start the journey of a sustainable industry.  

Another highlight for Chris is when he first moved to London and saw War Horse in the London Theatre which sparked his dream to manage productions. Seven years later, he was in the same theatre watching War Horse, but this time as production manager. 

Chris is proud to be Alumni Ambassador for the Country Education Association, supporting young people in rural areas to access opportunities and pathways.