I am the Senior Product Manager for Arup’s City Modelling Lab. At the Lab, we have an innovation agenda – we believe that individuals should be better represented in city and regional planning processes. We use machine learning as a tool to make sense of our complex cities in the process.

Traditionally, transport planning has used aggregated data to understand people’s use of transport, anticipate changes and pinch points. Aggregated data gives sensible estimates. However, it does not let us explore and slice data. It does not reveal the underlying information about what drives behaviour. That is the focus of our work in the Lab. We create agent based models that allow us to run multiple, behaviour-based scenarios.

I believe that data can and should be more inclusive and transparent. To make this a reality, I support open-source projects and have acted as partnership manager for the Open Data Institute. I have been the Product Manager for multiple innovation programmes within Arup. I am active in forums that focus on data ethics and the use of data in cities. I have also taken part in many industry panels, including CogX, Future Streets, Welsh National Transport Conference and Open City’s Citymaking forum.

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