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Community engagement

We have always had a deep interest in how the built, natural and social environments are connected. Our community engagement programme uses our expertise to address local issues and opportunities worldwide.
We have always had a deep interest in how the built, natural and social environments are connected. Our community engagement programme uses our expertise to address local issues and opportunities worldwide.

We desire to shape a future where everyone can live in a safer, more resilient, and inclusive world. Every year, we enable our people to use their skills on a myriad of valuable projects that improve local infrastructure, build capability, support economic prosperity and produce a better quality of life.
Beyond our client work, we believe it is just as important that those with the greatest unmet needs also benefit from our insights and services. Our priority is to ensure that the projects we co-create and solutions we propose, deliver lasting value to communities. To achieve this, we collaborate with a range of charities, community-based organisations, and institutions. These partnerships allow us to design and implement projects that resolve the immediate problem and influence system change. 

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Our work in 2022-23

Explore below for examples of how our community engagement work contributed to positive outcomes across the world during 2022-23.

  • 227+ Projects delivered in 2022-2023
  • 53,000+ Hours volunteered in 2022-2023
  • 1m+ people reached through our work in 2022-2023

Making an impact

Whether it is initiatives to build bridges, improve access to nature, or disaster recovery after flooding, we are always looking for ways to improve the lives of those most in need.

Bridges to prosperity in Rwanda

Bridges to prosperity in Rwanda

With hundreds of new bridges already planned in East Africa in the years to come, our Bridge Visualisation Tool will support future bridge building projects.

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Climate ready schools in Canada

Climate ready schools in Canada

Evergreen and Arup have collaborated on their Climate Ready Schools program which builds on their 25-year legacy of transforming schoolgrounds across the country into vibrant nature-rich areas for outdoor play and learning.

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Flood relief in Germany

Flood relief in Germany

As Arup we endeavour to support the recovery process after catastrophes. After the severe floodings in Germany in July 2021, rapid structural assessments were needed in order to kick off refurbishment process. While governmental organisations had the means to pay for our services, we also offered pro bono services to less solvent organisations in need.

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Ensuring access to essential infrastructure

Every thriving community relies on an array of reliable and vital infrastructure. Our community engagement supports the development of local health clinics, school buildings, off-grid energy systems, and water and sanitation systems. Our approach ensures that solutions are community-driven and suited to the local context. 

Engaging rural communities in drought stricken areas

In collaboration with The Flow Partnership and WaterAid, the WaterUp project actively engages with rural communities in drought-stricken areas to understand their needs, unique challenges,

WaterUp aims to address this by producing language-neutral, digital educational materials for communities, providing them with techniques to catalyse landscape restoration and livelihood improvement.

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Project facts

  • 1,700 people received improved water access
  • 15% Increase in vegetation cover

Providing access to safe and affordable shelter

Safe and affordable homes should be available to everyone. We address this issue by assessing the quality of housing, designing alternative housing, and building local capacity. Our shelter projects can be in cities where we have offices, in distant rural communities, or camps for displaced people. Our partners range from local community-based charities, to national advocacy organisations, to international agencies.

Children at play Children at play

Reducing inequities through social mobility

Helping individuals explore learning and career paths

We believe in sharing our expertise as widely as possible. Our partnerships with education providers and participation in mentoring schemes makes up a major part of our local engagement work. Our work includes STEM outreach in schools, tutoring in after-school clubs, co-creating education resources, mentoring young people aiming for university, and helping adults requiring support to secure skilled jobs. 

Humanitarian response

Wars, famines, and climate change effects continue to displace millions of people globally. Single events rapidly lead to cascading challenges: hunger, lack of shelter, failed infrastructure, restricted access to clean water and education. We get involved through our global community engagement programme, working alongside relevant local and international NGOs and supported by our own international development team. 

Arup has been supporting medical humanitarian NGO, Médecins Sans Frontiers (MSF) since 2012. MSF is respected for its contribution of health and medical services in conflict zones and in countries facing endemic diseases. Arup members provide pro-bono support through their technical engineering, design, and sustainable development expertise, as well as broader (non-technical) professional skills, to enable MSF doctors and clinicians to work safely and with confidence so their focus can remain on supporting those most in need.  

Our work has included developing a predictive model for malaria, reviewing MSF’s environmental roadmap (to help the organisation measure, monitor and reduce carbon emissions and meet carbon reduction targets), and providing specialist post-earthquake engineering support after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria in February 2023. Since 2019, Arup and MSF have worked together on a range of projects to support MSF operations in Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Mali, Nigeria, South Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.  


Humanitarianism implies a social conscience, a wish to do socially useful work, and to join hands with others fighting for the same values. ”

Ove Arup Sir Ove Arup Founder

Designing tools to enable sustainable development

As designers, engineers and technical specialists, we bring a breadth of problem solving creativity to community challenges. That means developing products and approaches that address day-to-day issues like access to potable water and sanitation or how to cope with the rising temperatures caused by climate change, such as our Cool Roofs toolkit which makes cool roof innovation accessible to the people who are most at risk from heat stress. 


Handwashing in emergencies

Jengu is a handwashing blueprint designed to be open source, make handwashing appealing, and be locally manufactured for a range of global settings.

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Solar Aircon

Solar energy

This tool provides a high-level feasibility assessment for the installation of solar powered air-conditioning (AC).

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Water security

Water security

WASH Connect is an award-winning mobile app and toolkit which educates and trains local communities and governments to create their own water security plan.

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Modular healthcare

Carebox Low Resource

Fast, adaptable healthcare solutions

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Last year we worked with 200+ organisations ranging from international NGOs and local governments to community interest companies and local community organisations. If you would like to find out more or get involved, please get in touch.

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