Q1: Your best solution to date?

A1: Delivering Dublin Airport Terminal 2, a magnificent project for Arup and Dublin Airport. I had several roles over the lifecycle of the project from MEP Design leader to Commissioning Manager for the entire development.

Q2: Why is it significant?

A2: The scale of effort and commitment from the project team was extraordinary, showing determination and dedication to ensure the facility was completed on time. 

Q3: Your particular skill?

A3: Strong technical skills and excellent experience. I really enjoy meeting new people and developing relationships with potential clients.

Q4: Enthusiasm?

A4: I enjoy the pace of the business and the challenge to provide solutions to immediate problems. It’s a business that never really stops, is always in a state of flux and demands a broad range of skills and resources in order to operate. 

Q5: Why Arup?

A5: Arup has a different culture to other organisations; of not just striving for excellence, but of always being curious, looking beyond the horizon, seeking the best solution while bringing a level of assurance to our clients.

Q6: Anything else?

A6: The Aviation industry, Arup and our clients face a number of opportunities and challenges in the coming years. Statutory and regulatory changes will be particularly demanding. Airports are seeking more efficient ways to process passengers. Use of big data and social media will become key components of the airports service offering.