I am a Director in Arup’s Building Engineering team. I have a passion for total design and using it to influence positive outcomes for our environment through building projects.

Sustainable development, restorative and regeneration of our ecosystem is a real and present challenge for civilization. COP21 led to a global call for action, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG’s) provide a universally agreed set of targets for transformative change. It is sometimes difficult to identify how global policy may impact the built environment, and what the ‘new normal’ needs to look like. We work with clients to redefine this ‘new normal’ developing integrated design solutions for buildings that have a route to being net-zero carbon and founded on circularity of the earths limited resources.

As Environmental and Building Services designer, I am responsible for creating diverse multidisciplinary teams that collaborate with clients and leading architects to develop spaces and buildings that deliver comfort and Wellness to their occupants, with the lightest touch on the environment and respond to the UNSDG targets.

I work with globally influential clients and collaborators across diverse sectors, from arts & culture to schools and corporate headquarters. I’ve successfully collaborated on several high-profile projects in the UK, Europe, America and Asia.

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