I lead the Advanced Digital Engineering team in London with a specific interest in energy and other major infrastructure markets. I have a successful track record in the completion and management of multi-disciplinary engineering projects in the infrastructure, offshore and built environment sectors. My expertise lies in the use of advanced engineering methods to enable both innovative design and justify the continued use of existing structures and infrastructure. This becomes particularly relevant where non-standard solutions are required and justification by advanced structural analysis methods is needed. I have been involved in new design, re-assessment, retrofit and decommissioning.

I have led the structural re-assessment of several Concrete Gravity Sub-structure offshore platforms, including justification of change of use, strengthening to enable decommissioning and long-term life assessments. I have also led the detailed design of remedial strengthening solutions for wind turbine generator foundations on several offshore wind farms, including the use of long term monitoring to justify extension of fatigue lives.

My passion for extending the useful life of structures and memorable projects in this area include the refurbishment of St Pancras station and the life extension of several high profile long span highway bridges in the Netherlands.