Q1: Your best solution to date?

A1: Foundations for the Canary Wharf Development which includes 20 high rise buildings with a common basement.

Q2: Why is it significant?

A2: This development represents 20 years of foundation design and construction work and includes the Crossrail Station. During this time the site investigation techniques and foundation design approaches have been continuously improved.

Q3: Your particular skill?

A3: Geotechnical engineer and foundation design.

Q4: Enthusiasm?

A4: My engineering enthusiasm is the back analysis of foundation performance and integration into new designs via the Observational Method. My personal hobby is dinghy and yacht racing and this employs a similar approach to performance improvement.

Q5: Why Arup?

A5: Arup has provided interesting and challenging projects as well as inspiring colleagues to help with the work.

Q6: Anything else?

A6: Current challenges include improving tremie concrete methods for diaphragm walls and piles. As well as integrating sustainability into foundation engineering for example by using thermal piles and GSHP systems.;