Q1: Your best solution to date?

A1: The Milenio Facility, a major production facility in central Mexico.

Q2: Why is it significant?

A2: The Arup team led the design and supported the project management of this facility over five years. The design included highly sustainable features; it was the first major project which was delivered complying with the client’s Sustainability Framework, which Arup had created during the previous year. It was also the first major industrial production facility designed by Arup in the Americas Region.;

Q3: Your particular skill?

A3: Managing global Arup teams for our global clients, and building networks and teams to allow the best parts of Arup’s design, project management and consulting skills to combine to deliver anywhere in the world.

Q4: Enthusiasm?

A4: I enjoy matching up our clients’ particular business needs, with the right Arup team anywhere in the world to provide unique solutions.

Q5: Why Arup?

A5: I recognised Arup’s technical reputation in the field of engineering and I had the ambition to work internationally.

Q6: Anything else?

A6: I have developed a system of ‘Innovation Bursts’ as a structured way of communicating to our clients the huge breadth of innovation and best practise continually developing across Arup.