I am Arup’s business leader for food and agriculture systems. What if we changed our food system to be more resilient, regenerative, less wasteful and fair for all? My team are exploring how we might achieve this vital goal. 
Food is the single strongest lever to optimise human health and environmental sustainability. And while the food system is responsible for 1/3 of all GHG emissions, we can’t ‘transition’ out of food. It touches on all aspects of our lives from employment to health, economy to environment and community to culture, shaping landscapes and places we inhabit. In the course of tackling these challenges I have been an advisor and masterplanning lead for a national food security programme, worked with a tech giant on the future of their food programme, helped a government agency to develop the concept for their first agri-food hub and collaborated with UNEP on how to embed food in developing circular neighbourhoods. 
More recently, I have been leading the development of new approaches to urban farming, decarbonising our food system, enhancing food resilience and exploring ways to make food the ultimate ‘circular’ resource.