As a Senior Consultant with Arup’s Energy & Sustainability team in San Francisco, I deliver projects at all scales — from designing LPL’s net-zero water campus, to reducing energy use by 20% across Walmart’s 6,000 stores, to analysing energy infrastructure for a 2-million person city in China, and everything in between.

My dedication to reducing human impact on the environment began at the age of 16 with an eye-opening environmental science class. It is this passion that fuels me to help my clients — including developers, retailers, and universities —identify, develop, implement, and track cost-effective sustainability initiatives across their buildings, campuses and portfolios.

In addition to project work, I actively promote Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Arup and managed learning, research, and knowledge sharing for Arup’s global network of 1,500 mechanical engineers. Outside of Arup, I have held leadership roles with CREW SF, presented at numerous conferences in the US and internationally, and taught classes for university students and practitioners.

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