Finola Reid

Principal | Technical Services – Australasia Leader

Finola Reid leads technical services for Arup across Australasia, combining her specialist expertise in acoustics engineering and a deep understanding of the broader needs of large-scale project development.

She brings together Arup’s unique specialist capabilities across acoustics, AV, technology, lighting, facades, fire, wind, risk and security to deliver market-leading services to clients.

With projects becoming increasingly complex and the expectations for outcomes more significant than ever, Finola believes there is value in bringing technical expertise in early. This perspective can help unveil exciting opportunities that were perhaps not previously considered and can significantly de-risk development.

Finola works with Arup’s technical experts to build creative, adaptable solutions for application at scale. She facilitates smart, sustainable design that supports health, wellbeing and safety. Finola values collaboration, strong relationships with clients and colleagues, and diversity and inclusion. She is driven by continuing to learn and grow every day and positively influencing outcomes. 

Finola joined Arup in 1991 and has held roles as an acoustic engineer, Australasia Region Education Lead, and Victoria/South Australia Region Lead. She has worked with Arup in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia, directing many multidisciplinary projects in Education, Music and Performing Arts, Public buildings and the Commercial/Development sector. In the United States, she helped establish Arup’s acoustic business, providing consulting services on projects in California and New York. 

Finola is particularly proud of her work on UoM Melbourne Connect for its multi-use learning environment features and the Melbourne Recital Centre for its leading acoustics. During her time as Office Leader in Melbourne during a series of COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, Finola drew on her strengths in leadership, engagement and maintaining culture.