I am an established designer of interactive and immersive experiences in the built environment. I am an associate principal for this discipline in Arup’s New York office and am also part of the firm’s digital masterplanning practice.

My expertise is in permanently-installed, physical/digital experiences. As part of the built environment, these experiences bring together architecture, digital technology, software and media design. Understanding the role of each - and successfully integrating them – is my focus. At their best, these public digital/physical experiences promote social interaction, communication and learning.

I bring a fascination with data-driven content and visualisation to my projects. Data grounds an experience, making it authentic. It is the job of visualisation to engage people with the reality that data represents. In my former role as VP Creative Strategy with ESI Design, I led the creation of The Beacon at PNC Plaza in downtown Pittsburg. The Beacon is an iconic light sculpture in the lobby of this ultra-green skyrise that engages visitors with real-time visualisations of building data. The project received an ‘honourable mention’ in Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards.

I am an active contributor to cultural and academic design debate. I sit on the board of Alan Lomax’s Association for Cultural Equity. I have developed graduate courses including ‘New interfaces for musical expression’ and ‘Interactive design for public places’ for New York University’s Tisch School of Arts.

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