I am a wind engineering specialist with experience in wind microclimate studies for tall buildings, masterplans, and cities, as well as wind loading studies for long-span bridges, tall buildings, and stadia. My job also entails supporting planning applications including Environmental Impact Assessments and engaging with planning authorities.

As a wind and microclimate consultant, I use my technical expertise to enhance the functionality and usability of outdoor spaces, with the ultimate goal of creating safe and comfortable environments for everyone. Through this work, I contribute to the development of greening strategies for buildings and cities which help to improve the sustainability of the built environment. I have worked on the following projects: 40 Leadenhall Street, 6-8 Bishopsgate, 50 Fenchurch Street, Portland House, and Paradise Circus.

Part of my role is coordinating wind tunnel studies, postprocessing and interpreting results, and – in collaboration with Arup’s CFD specialists – verifying that wind and microclimate solutions will work effectively in practice.

Prior to joining Arup, I completed an industrial PhD at the Technical University of Denmark where I investigated the aerodynamic instabilities of bridge stay cables in various meteorological conditions.