What is your best solution to date?
Design throws up challenges, sometimes catching even the most experienced engineers off guard, and my greatest contributions have been when I have justified components that appeared to be structurally inadequate. I am also particularly pleased that the procedures I developed to simplify the design of reinforced concrete shells are available throughout Arup.

Why is it significant?
By going back to first principles and fundamental behaviour, we can often do more than we first imagine. Our aim is to develop and justify structurally efficient designs that make best use of materials and resources, and to share lessons learnt through appropriate feedback.

What is your most valuable skill?
When my children were young, I told them that when I went to work, I did ‘hard sums’; I give specialist advice on the solution of advanced, or unusual, civil and structural engineering problems. I also develop tools and software that make these solutions available to others.

What makes you enthusiastic?
I particularly enjoy helping younger engineers get a better understanding of how structures work, equipping them with the skills necessary to resolve structural issues themselves.

Why Arup?
Arup has given me many skilful and generous colleagues, and provided the intellectual challenges that arise when helping to make designs work; everything is underpinned by Arup’s values.