I’m a senior urban designer and planner based in Arup’s New York office. Through my work in New York City and beyond, I am shaping the public realm, harnessing international expertise and leading a wide range of masterplanning and urban design projects including city centers and downtowns, transportation corridors, institutional and cultural precincts, plazas and streetscapes.

Throughout these varied environments, designing for human connection remains the consistent principle. Public spaces are the forum where we live, gather, play, and thrive. I am passionate about designing the moments we collectively experience and crafting the connecting spatial infrastructure in between.

While coauthoring Arup’s Cities Alive publication, walkability emerged from the research as the best measure for inclusive, vibrant, and connected communities. Further, it has the power to unlock multiple interconnected social, health, and economic benefits.

In recent past, I have led the design for the Willoughby Streetscape Plan featuring ‘Brooklyn’s first shared street’, the Downtown Jamaica Streetscape Plan in Queens, and the ongoing Vision for Broadway Plan in Manhattan.

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