What makes you enthusiastic?

What drives me is being able to perform and deliver what the client wanted. I'm very client-focused. Right now, we’re working with a lot of our aviation clients to enhance the customer experience using recent technological and digital innovations. Going into these airports and seeing how our solutions are helping to create a fantastic travel experience is very rewarding. 

What's your particular skill?

I'm a hands-on leader. I’m invested in developing our staff so that I can be confident we’re leveraging the best available information and being as creative as possible in our approach to our projects.

I also have a track record of forging strong, long lasting relationships with clients. I think these relationships really come out of our commitment to working closely with them to deliver better outcomes, whether we’re starting at square one by helping them develop a concept design or supporting them through procurement or ensuring that commissioning goes smoothly.

What is your best solution to date?

We helped Delta successfully complete the most challenging terminal move in commercial aviation history. The airline shifted its hub operations from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)’s Terminals 5 and 6 to 2 and 3. 

For airline and airport clients, it's critical that projects be accomplished with very limited impact on operations. We worked with Delta over the course of a year to come up with solutions that kept disruptions to an absolute minimum. And it worked. The move was basically accomplished over three nights. A heroic effort.

Why is it significant?

The LAX move was a huge undertaking. In terms of managing the expectations of our client, the airlines, and other project stakeholders—and delivering on what was promised within a very strict schedule—it was a big success. It also utilized the very best of Arup’s global multidisciplinary expertise.

Why Arup?

Our ability to draw on the insights of Arup experts who’ve worked on comparable projects at major airports around the world allowed us to take a holistic approach to this project. 

This is one of Arup’s great distinguishers across the board. We have people all over the world with experience working on aviation projects of all sizes and types. There is always someone knowledgeable to turn to if we run into challenges.

Anything else?

One of the reasons I'm at Arup is that I’m not siloed into a narrow role. I get to collaborate with people in all our other disciplines to drive innovation. We’ve got more than our share of industry-leading experts at Arup and working with them really raises my game. I feel lucky.