Joanne Carmichael

Principal | Transport Planning Skills – Global Leader

Joanne is preparing for a future of transport planning that demands more significant social equity, environmental sustainability, and digital enablement. Leading our transport planning services in Australasia, based in Kuala Lumpur, she is focused on ensuring that Arup has the highest skills and capabilities to deliver to these complex challenges.

She is passionate about creating transport networks that give people equal access to employment, education, services and more. Joanne is driven to see transport dramatically decrease its carbon emissions to support sustainability efforts worldwide. Other focus topics include autonomous and electric vehicle use and how infrastructure, city design and policies will need to change in alignment. She makes the most of technology, data, and analytics to improve the transport experience for operators and citizens.

With a successful civil engineering and transport planning background, she uses her experience and expertise to build strong client relationships. She harnesses her deep connections across Arup’s global network to bring the right knowledge to local challenges. Joanne has been with Arup for over 13 years and has held senior positions in Dubai, Sydney and now Kuala Lumpur. In Dubai, she led city-scale transport planning projects, while in Sydney, she led a large multi-disciplinary team of advisory, planning and design experts.

Before joining Arup, Joanne was at the forefront of city-shaping projects in the United Kingdom, India, the Middle East and Africa. Joanne sits on Arup’s Regional Excellence Council, the South East Asian Executive and is the Global Skill Leader for Transport Planning.