I am an Associate Director in Arup’s Foresight, Research and Innovation team. I specialise in exploring and envisioning the future of the built environment.

Climate change, artificial intelligence and smart materials are just some of the trends that will transform the future of the built environment. Whilst it is relatively easy to identify these changes, it is much harder to assess how they will impact the specific context of a business or project. To understand the implications and to manage uncertainty, we must challenge our own perception of normality and what this will mean in the future. We must apply principles that can adequately anticipate the design of structures, processes and experiences of tomorrow. 

As Global Foresight Manager, I am responsible for the delivery and management of Foresight services, tools and projects globally, including America, Australasia, East Asia, Europe and Middle East. I work with clients and collaborators across Arup as well as external organisations from a broad range of sectors.

I am an experienced facilitator and public speaker. I am a Board Member at the Museum of Architecture and Futures Fellow at London Transport Museum. 

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