Juliet Mian


Midlands Campus local time - 1:12 AM

I am a specialist in the resilience of infrastructure systems, to climate change and other shocks and stresses.  I help clients to understand their resilience challenges, and to plan and implement appropriate solutions, working across the infrastructure lifecycle from policy and planning through to operations and maintenance.  I also lead the technical delivery for the Resilience Shift, a global initiative to shape resilience best practice that has been created and curated by Arup, in partnership with the Lloyd’s Register Foundation. 

I am passionate about the urgency of building resilience into our engineering solutions, and of taking a systemic approach to this.  To me, a systemic approach means that we have to broaden our thinking beyond the physical infrastructure systems to consider the human aspects and the natural environment, and that we have to meet both sides of the climate challenge (decarbonisation and and adaptation) at once.