I am an Engineer in Arup’s Advanced Digital Engineering Group. I am responsible for using advanced analysis and new technologies to provide higher value engineering solutions, both for external projects and as part of internal research to develop new skills and services. Coming from a civil/mechanical engineering background with a focus on offshore engineering and environmental physics, I have complementary skills within the fields of machine learning and software development.

I enjoy combining engineering knowledge and emerging technologies to produce more efficient solutions for real-life applications. For instance, I have developed deep learning algorithms to produce high-resolution land classification for natural flood management. I was awarded New Civil Engineer’s Graduate of the Year 2018-19 for this work and was featured in Arup’s 2019 Annual Report.

Currently I am working in the offshore renewable energy sector, using new digital techniques to improve the affordability of wind and wave energy. I am leading the development of a cloud-based tool pioneering the use of large-scale monitored data to accurately measure in-service loads on offshore wind foundations, demonstrating lifetime extension of these structures. I have also developed a web-based early stage decision tool for wave energy developers, allowing for exploring the potential of concrete to reduce the cost of wave energy converters.

I plan to remain at the forefront of this exciting work, employing innovative technologies to improve resilience and sustainability.

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