I am the Product Director for MassMotion, Arup’s human movement simulation software. I’m based with our development team in our Toronto office, as part of our Digital Technology Group.

MassMotion is the world’s most flexible crowd simulation software, which allows users to test designs from a human perspective. The development team is constantly engaging with internal users and external customers to further refine and extend the software.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, MassMotion is being used to model social distancing measures. In preparation for reduced lockdown restrictions, our software is helping businesses and governments alike test scenarios to consider, visualize, and map out mitigation scenarios to quantify risks in airports, train stations, and other spaces.

Prior to becoming the Product Director, I was a user of MassMotion for over ten years, working alongside clients to plan spaces for people. I’m fortunate to have worked on projects around the world, including museums in New York and London, airports in the United Kingdom and Middle East, and rail stations across Canada and Australia.